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PromptLand B2B Microsite content marketing is about creating thought leadership and materials that help buyers understand and clarify their needs, solutions, and make informed purchasing decisions. Your Project/Proucts sales can playing a very important roles in your business, if they are given the right encouragement, motivation, and tools to participate. It is very simple and easy to understand any kind of business people while seeing this Microsite - all from one place.

Construct enthusiasm in advance

With the right Products/Projects in place, people will start to talk about your product before it even launches.

Perform Faster

It is Very important!! We are designing the new Platform Microsite on the way most people read the content. Just take few minutes to understand the about Project/Products.


Reach out to your customers to generate revenue in your new product and celebrates your product to get more people involved in the conversation.

Business Event

There are confident conversations that always come along with marketing or business expo events. For example businesses events like trade shows, conferences and meetings are an opportunity challenge to speak in real time. Have as a feature and influence the conversation touch lives on a global market and national level.

More Sales

Sales has a vital role, when you introduced a new Project/Product and systematically implement a process that supports your goal, you can instill a marketing funnel that guides prospects to the specific information you want them to see and in the order you want them to see it.

Send Enquiry

How will you reach your new customer? This platform will help you to get the enquiry from customer, after you could have good communication with them.

Support Ur Customer

Lets you get all your customers via PromptLand and engage and support them across all over world in one easy-to-use Microsite. Be there for your customers - anytime, anywhere.

End Result

Let you Pay GREAT attention to which enquiry generates the most interest in the form of result from customers. Take advantage of on those conversations by sending enquiry for your products to support with what's boom with your customers. Do again what works best and ditch the rest.

Let you set goals as the first step to build up more valuable ways to connect your audience and grow your business.

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